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Athletic Style Kinesio Taping Now Available!

Kinesio Tape (K-T Tape) is light weight with adhesive backing. The tape has the ability to stretch when held by either end of the tape to apply on the.....
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Honor Your Body

Honor Your Body
Some people have a hard time even considering massage because they are so unh.....
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Pain, Pain, go away: Strokes for Folks Therapeutic Massage has been relieving aches, pains for five years

Lynette M. Stauffer founded Strokes for Folks Therapeutic Massage, LLC in June 2004 in Rosemount. It was a landmark move for Stauffer, who worked with.....
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First time clients receive a 1 Hour massage for $65
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Refer 2 Friends or Relatives and Everyone Benefits!
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Sign Up for Our Membership Wellness Program!
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our wellness program

Our Wellness Program

Benefits and FAQ's about our Wellness Program

How much are these memberships and what do I receive?

With the Strokes for Folks Club you receive one full 60-minute massage each month. The membership fee is $65 per month. Guaranteed for the life of your contract. A yearly maintenance fee of $20 is collected at the beginning of each contract year. Fifteen and thirty minutes upgrades are available to your monthly massage for 15% off our regular priced upgrade services. Additional one hour massages during membership months are $65 each. Additional SFF massage discounts and membership benefits apply.

Why do you discount your services?

Strokes for Folks has partnered with massage therapists whose primary objective is to provide professional, informative sessions and charge less so that more people can take advantage of their services. We are utilizing a membership based approach that brings massage therapy out of elite circles, making it available to everyone. We are committed to delivering a highly professional and affordable experience every time.

What are the lengths of the contracts?

The Strokes for Folks Club offers a renewable 12 month contract. A yearly maintenance fee of $20 is collected at the beginning of each contract year. No additional fees for renewals.

What if I forget to show up for my appointment or can't make my scheduled appointment?

The SFF Membership is designed for you to enjoy the benefits of these services on a regular basis, while learning to make healthy habits and lifestyle choices. Your credit/debit card will be charged or your checking account debited by your minimum monthly fee, whether or not you appear for your appointment. Your appointment can be made anytime during the month. If you cancel your appointment 12 hours prior to the scheduled time, you can reschedule your appointment with no penalty charges.

Can I give my appointments to someone else?

Strokes for Folks monthly appointments are for you - and your health! Appointments can not be transferred or given to another individual.

Can I freeze or lapse my membership?

These contracts can not be "put on hold" or "frozen" unless a note from a physician is provided for any ailments which may be contraindicated.

What other benefits do I receive as a Club Member?

As a Club Member you receive your club's discount on all additional, non-contract, massage services; 10% off product retail prices; 15% off services; plus advance notice of any specials, open houses, or other NEW services!

What do I have to do to sign up?

All you have to do is make the commitment, fill out a little paperwork and begin scheduling your appointments! Then, you're on your way to changing your lifestyle choices one month at a time - and we can help you every step of the way!

Do I have to pay all up front?

No! Just think of it as a fitness membership where you don't have to put all that cash up front; or charging it to a credit card and paying interest on it.

How do I pay for additional services?

You are welcome to and encouraged to pay by cash or check but credit/debit cards can be used at the time of your visit.