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House calls are OK for massage therapists

Published By: Rosemount TownPages

Massage or no massage? That was one of the questions the Rosemount City Council discussed at its most recent meeting.
Coming up with an answer was no easy task.

Years ago, many communities across the country, Rosemount included, drew up ordinances that prohibited massage therapy practices. Many cities feared some individuals would use the massage practice as a front for prostitution. And, unfortunately, some did.

That was years ago, however. Massage therapy has come a long way and national certifications are available to those who complete the necessary coursework and training. But those who earn certification have still been fighting an uphill battle, as some cities are still hesitant to rewrite their ordinances to allow such practices to open.

The Town Pages agrees with the way the council is leaning to allow certified individuals to pursue their business opportunities in the city as long as they set up a location in their home or in a storefront. As described in the story at the bottom of the front page of this week’s paper, however, the next question is whether to allow those same individuals to make house calls.

That is where things get a bit complicated. It should not be complicated, but it is. And it is difficult to blame the city council for hesitating for a minute when faced with that question. What about the safety of the individuals performing the massage therapy services? Are they safe when entering someone’s home to perform such services? And are the customers themselves safe?

In most instances, the answer is probably yes. But no one can ever be 100 percent certain. Council made a great point, though, that the government may be overstepping its boundaries by limiting an otherwise legal business opportunity. Some people who require these services are homebound or temporarily unable to get to a massage therapy practice, making home visits necessary. Others simply prefer to have the services done in the privacy of their own home.

The Town Pages backs the idea of allowing professionals to make house calls, but it should not come as a surprise the council debated the idea as long as it did. There is a lot to think about with this decision.

It’s good to see the council took the topic as seriously as it did.

Reader Comments:

Posted: Tuesday, October 28, 2003
Article comment by: Jill Sanfacon

I have been trying to find the area to vote on the "Question of the Week". It doesn't appear anywhere on this website. Of course massage therapists should be able to make house calls! How insulting for the city council to to try to block that! When I moved into my home I had a salesperson come out and show me blind samples... another selling water softeners. It would make as much sense to stop those types of house calls. Government is way overstepping its bounds considering a ban on massage therapy in the home! Consider this my vote in favor of house calls.