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Honor Your Body
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Pain, Pain, go away: Strokes for Folks Therapeutic Massage has been relieving aches, pains for five years

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Lynette Stauffer spoke her mind, had city ordinance changed and opened her massage therapy business

Published By: Jeff Mores, managing editor, Rosemount TownPages

A couple of years ago, Rosemount resident Lynette Stauffer approached the city and was baffled by the information she received. Stauffer was working toward her national certification in massage therapy. She knew she would eventually want to start her own business, or at least begin practicing. And she figured, where better to launch her business than in her own town? Stauffer knew there were no massage businesses in Rosemount and it didn’t take long to find out why. Rosemount had an ordinance for years which prohibited massage parlors, as they were referred to. It was a fact, but Stauffer could not understand it. Why such an ordinance?

The answer is, Rosemount’s ordinance regarding massage parlors dated back several years. At that time, there were several cities in the metro area with similar ordinances. Communities feared massage parlors would serve as fronts for prostitution, so ordinances were drawn up to make sure they didn’t start popping up around the metro. Several cities have since rewritten their ordinances regarding massage parlors. The profession has come a long way in recent years and studies suggest most people, if not everyone, can benefit from massage therapy. Several schools have been established to train aspiring therapists and a national certification process has been set up.

Stauffer decided she would spearhead an effort to have Rosemount’s ordinance changed. And, after several meetings and months had passed, it was. The Rosemount City Council drew up a new ordinance allowing massage therapy businesses within city limits. That opened the door to Stauffer’s dream. Last week, she opened her own massage therapy business in Rosemount, called Strokes for Folks. The business is located in the Rosemount Mall at 14555 South Robert Trail.

Getting it done
“I did feel a sense of responsibility in getting the ordinance changed and starting my own business right here in rosemount,” Stauffer said. “This city is growing so much and there are plenty of people out there who need these services. Massage therapy is a profession and the change in ordinance opens up an opportunity for other therapists like me.”

Strokes for Folks, boasts an comfortable, stress free environment. Clients can receive anything from seated chair massages to specialized table massages. There are a number of packages available to customers and walk-ins are welcome. For those who have never been to a massage therapist before, it all begins with a personalized consultation.