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Honor Your Body
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Take part in Leprechaun Days

Published By: Rosemount TownPages

Leprechaun Days is winding down once again, but not without a bang. If you haven’t gotten out to any of the Leprechaun Days events yet this year, then we urge you to consider doing so this weekend. Leprechaun Days is the biggest event Rosemount has to offer and this weekend is arguably the highlight of the 10-day summer festival. Leprechaun Days has been a part of Rosemount Community for 25 years and there is a reason it has lasted so long. It has continued to evolve, bringing in new events, highlights and attractions. It is spread out over days so residents have an opportunity to get to as many events as they want. And there is quite a bit to choose from. The toilet bowl and bathtub races are over. So are the kiddy parade and scooter races, Run For the Gold, softball tournament, pet show and plenty more. But this weekend is big. It is celebration of Rosemount.

As outlined on the front page of this issue of the Rosemount Town Pages, the Mid-Summer Faire will be the central gathering point of Leprechaun Days during its final weekend. There will be carnival rides, food vendors, free chair massages, live music and plenty more. Central Park is also one of the best places in Rosemount to watch the annual Leprechaun Days fireworks display on Saturday. And don’t forget to get out in time to watch the Grand Day Parade. Rosemount has been around for a long time and Leprechaun Days has become a big part of the community. So many new families have moved into the community in recent years and likely know little about the community’s history. Leprechaun Days allows residents to become a part of the community’s continuing history. It is an annual event that brings everyone together.

Be sure to get out this weekend and participate in the many events.

Leprechaun days is Rosemount.