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Honor Your Body
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Pain, Pain, go away: Strokes for Folks Therapeutic Massage has been relieving aches, pains for five years

Lynette M. Stauffer founded Strokes for Folks Therapeutic Massage, LLC in June 2004 in Rosemount. It was a landmark move for Stauffer, who worked with.....
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Pain, Pain, go away: Strokes for Folks Therapeutic Massage has been relieving aches, pains for five years

Published By: Tad Johnson - Dakota County Tribune

Lynette M. Stauffer founded Strokes for Folks Therapeutic Massage, LLC in June 2004 in Rosemount. It was a landmark move for Stauffer, who worked with the city of Rosemount to change ordinances that she said still made massage therapists look like prostitutes and kept massage businesses from coming to Rosemount with exorbitant fees and regulations.

"Now all therapists must be licensed by the city to practice," she said. "We are a family-run business and take pride in the services we offer." Located at 14555 S. Robert Trail, No. 102, Stauffer, with help from her family, has been active in the community as a business leader and contributor to local causes. She took time out recently to answer some questions for the Dakota County Tribune Business Weekly's Spotlight.

Q: What are some milestones in the company?
A: In 2006 we expanded from a two-room suite in the Rosemount Plaza Mall to our current four therapy room space. In 2008 we were awarded "Best of Rosemount" Massage Therapists by the U.S. Local Business Association.

Q: What are the basic services or products that you provide?
A: Strokes for Folks is a massage clinic that specializes in pain management and whole body wellness. We offer integrated massage techniques as well as healing stone massage, reflexology, pregnancy massage, sports massage and we work closely with local chiropractors to complement the care offered.

Q: What is a product or service you provide that many people would be surprised to know?
A: We have a large variety of essential oils for sale, including single notes and blends for a range of uses, as well as burners and other oil paraphernalia. We also do corporate wellness presentations to employees as part of their health benefits programs.

Q: What kind of civic involvement is the company or its employees involved in?
A: Every year (for the past five years) we provide chair massage for the people participating in the Relay for Life in Rosemount, at no charge. You may have also noticed us at the Leprechaun Days Mid-Summer Faire, where we have donated all our proceeds each year to the Community Action Council. We believe that everyone should give back to their communities, especially those that have the means.

Q: What is the most rewarding part about being involved in your field? Why?
A: Personally, I love being able to relieve my clients' pain. We have many folks that come in just to relax, but the majority of your clients come in for pain relief, or as a part of their personal wellness program. We are able to give our clients a substantial discount when they are committed to their own health. And in the end that is what really makes me feel good about what I do.

Q: Why do you like having your business located where it is?
A: We have really enjoyed being in Rosemount, mostly because my family lives here, but also because we were the first massage clinic to come into the town. There has always been the demand, and now folks don't have to drive very far to get to us.

Q: If the business has local ownership or management, provide some information about the people in these positions?
A: My family and I have lived in the area for 22 years and 16 of it in Rosemount.
I am the lead therapist and owner and my son, David, has been a therapist since 2005. And my daughter, Brooklynn, has been my office manager since 2006. She also brings her two girls to the office; we joke that they are our mascots/greeters. Karen, who was with me when we opened, has 25 plus years experience in massage, and she and her husband live in the community as well. Karleen, our master reflexologist, lives within walking distance from the clinic and some days just stops in to say, "Hi."

Q: How did you capitalize the business and how do you strive to maintain a thriving business?
A: The seed money was a loan I took out against my husband's retirement account. (I paid it back within 12 months.) I created our "Wellness Program," an ongoing massage therapy "club membership" allowing clients to receive monthly massage, at a discount, to enhance their health, which gives me a continuous flow of capital as well as our "Referral Rewards Program" allowing our existing clients to "share" their therapist with their friends and family, ultimately growing our client base.

Q: What advice do you have for other business owners either in your own field or generally?
A: Always ask yourself "What's in it for me?" (from the customer point of view) and "How can I enhance the value of the service I provide?"