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Athletic Style Kinesio Taping Now Available!

Kinesio Tape (K-T Tape) is light weight with adhesive backing. The tape has the ability to stretch when held by either end of the tape to apply on the.....
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Honor Your Body

Honor Your Body
Some people have a hard time even considering massage because they are so unh.....
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Pain, Pain, go away: Strokes for Folks Therapeutic Massage has been relieving aches, pains for five years

Lynette M. Stauffer founded Strokes for Folks Therapeutic Massage, LLC in June 2004 in Rosemount. It was a landmark move for Stauffer, who worked with.....
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First time clients receive a 1 Hour massage for $60
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Relay for Life: Rosemount Relay For Life Kicks Off Friday Night

The American Cancer Society's Relay For Life is a unique celebration of life in honor and in memory of those whose lives have been touched by cancer. Rosemount's Relay For Life will take place July 15-16 at Rosemount High School track from 6 p.m. until 6 a.m.. The public is encouraged to come and check out this event. All processes goes to the American Cancer Society...... Read More

Healing touch: Downtown seniors feeling benefits of an on-site massage therapist

The residents of the 39 rooms at the Rosemount Plaza Apartments in the downtown area generally enjoy living where they do. But a growing number of residents there have been feeling even better on Tuesdays thanks to a new service that's being offered. When Strokes for Folks, Rosemount's first massage therapy business in several years, opened its doors last year, ownership was looking for ways to extend its services even deeper into the community. Customers were coming through the doors of the business itself, but what about the residents who can not get around so easily? These are the people Strokes for Folks was aiming to expand its services to, so a partnership with Rosemount Plaza Apartments was an obvious match. During a massage session in September, therapist Karen Gillespie and Rosemount Plaza Apartments resident/manager Marge Anderson got to talking. Not long after, Gillespie was setting up her massage table at the downtown senior highrise every other Tuesday. She has continued to do so ever since, working out pain areas and soothing the muscles and joints of the seniors who live there. Gillespie charges a discounted fee for seniors at the highrise. Some days she massages two or three residents. And other days there are seven or eight residents lined up...... Read More

Catching on: Massage therapy business experiencing growth as first anniversary approaches

It's been almost a year since Rosemount resident Lynette Stauffer helped convince the Rosemount City Council to change its stance on allowing massage therapists to practice within city limits. For years, the ordinance did not allow for such a thing. So Stauffer took a stand...... Read More

Leprechaun Days: Mid-Summer Faire is at the center of weekend activities

The first seven days of Leprechaun Days are in the books and the eighth is already under way. Friday marks the start of the final and arguably most popular weekend of Rosemount’s annual citywide summer celebration...... Read More

Take part in Leprechaun Days

Leprechaun Days is winding down once again, but not without a bang. If you haven’t gotten out to any of the Leprechaun Days events yet this year, then we urge you to consider doing so this weekend. Leprechaun Days is the biggest event Rosemount has to offer and this weekend is arguably the highlight of the 10-day summer festival. Leprechaun Days has been a part of Rosemount Community for 25 years and there is a reason it has lasted so long. It has continued to evolve, bringing in new events, highlights and attractions. It is spread out over days so residents have an opportunity to get to as many events as they want. And there is quite a bit to choose from. The toilet bowl and bathtub races are over. So are the kiddy parade and scooter races, Run For the Gold, softball tournament, pet show and plenty more. But this weekend is big. It is celebration of Rosemount...... Read More

Lynette Stauffer spoke her mind, had city ordinance changed and opened her massage therapy business

A couple of years ago, Rosemount resident Lynette Stauffer approached the city and was baffled by the information she received. Stauffer was working toward her national certification in massage therapy. She knew she would eventually want to start her own business, or at least begin practicing. And she figured, where better to launch her business than in her own town? Stauffer knew there were no massage businesses in Rosemount and it didn’t take long to find out why. Rosemount had an ordinance for years which prohibited massage parlors, as they were referred to. It was a fact, but Stauffer could not understand it. Why such an ordinance?..... Read More

Rosemount is rewriting ordinance to allow massage therapy practices

While the Rosemount City Council did not vote at its Tuesday meeting, all signs indicate the city of Rosemount will rewrite its ordinances to allow individuals to practice massage within city limits. The council is also leaning toward allowing individuals who are licensed and practicing massage therapy within city limits to make house calls...... Read More

House calls are OK for massage therapists

Massage or no massage? That was one of the questions the Rosemount City Council discussed at its most recent meeting.
Coming up with an answer was no easy task...... Read More

Massage ordinance change makes sense

Rosemount resident Lynette Stauffer deserves some credit. Years ago, communities across the country wrote ordinances which, in the end, made it difficult for anyone to open a massage parlor. Cities charged high annual licensing other potential business owners had to meet several other requirements getting city approval...... Read More

Why aren't there any massage practices in Rosemount?

Has a doctor ever recommended you see a massage therapist? Or have you ever decided to seek out a massage practice on your own? If so, you’ve probably noticed something: There aren’t any massage practices in Rosemount. That’s not to say there aren’t any licensed massage therapists living in Rosemount. There are actually several some of whom have been in the profession for several years and others who are just completing their training. But when it comes time to start practicing massage, they chose to work outside Rosemount’s borders...... Read More